The Shepherd
Torn apart by wolves
But He warned us this would happen
Now we sit, in utter despair
Because He is no longer with us

We are holed up in rooms that bury our names
So we might go undiscovered
Just days ago it filled us with joy
To touch His garment
Or walk beside Him

He told us we would flee
Be smote by the rod
That we would even deny Him
Of course, I did not believe it
How could I deny heart of my heart
Soul of my soul

But He is gone
Now they tell me He has come up from the grave
Out of the dark
He is here again
And how can I believe
For I do not see Him here before me

If He comes back, will He scold me
Or perhaps turn me away
Let me be slain by the wolves
Who are so quick to devour the light of the Son…

He has appeared
And He has forgiven me
He is not angry or bitter
He does not replay my desertion in His mind
Or in front of my brothers
And He even called me a “rock”

Soon I will be a good son, I want Him to know it
He only asks that I feed His sheep
That I feed His lambs…

I do not cry anymore in the night
For my Savior has risen
The holes in His hands remain
But the wolves have not broken His heart

He expects me to tell others of His love
I will do so
Sometimes with fear and trembling
But I will do so
My Savior has risen

— Kathi Burg

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