I’ve been thinking about movies. Movies can often stir something up inside of me and make me wish life were much bigger than the day-to-day. In the stories of the battle between good and evil, I root for good to overcome. There is typically a hero I want to know. There is a knight in shining armor. There is a king who governs fairly. I want the story of the hero, the knight, the king, to go on forever. I want the victory won, forever. I want the tears wiped away, forever.

I think sometimes we walk out of the theatre thinking only movies could capture such a story. We walk out of the theatre thinking we are going back to real life, where there is no hero, no knight, and no king. We live in a world of smart phones, with quotas to hit, people to impress, appointments to make, dinner parties to throw, degrees to earn, chores to do, and we believe this makes up the whole of reality . . . but I believe we have missed something.

I believe we have missed that there is a bigger reality that spans beyond our daily routines, our earthly goals, and our busyness. There is a battle between good and evil. There is a King, a Knight, and most importantly, there is a Hero. And He is eternal. He is constant. He is boundless. He is everlasting. He is indestructible.

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