The Greatest Love Story Ever Told

The Greatest Love Story Ever Told

Your heart, broken for me
Your wounds, felt for me
Your body, bent for me
Death, experienced for me
My sin, placed upon You
Those thorns, embedded into You
The scorn, thrown upon You
The taunts, thrown up at You
The blood, drained from You
The love, given to me
The love, showered on me
The love, stored up for me
The cross, carried for me
The breath, taken for me
The sting of a whip, endured for me
The flesh, torn for me
The sorrow, for me
The sadness, for me
The searching, for me
The healing, for me
The story, for me
The truth, for me
The grace, for me
The mercy, for me
The best…for me
The greatest love story ever told


“He was counted among the rebels.” (Isaiah 53:12b, NLT)

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