Mighty Realm Of Yours

Yesterday, the subject matter of the sermon at my church was letting things go and giving them up to God since He knows what’s best and we are not really in control of things anyway.  At first, I was trying to think of things that I hold onto so tightly that I have not entrusted them to God…I couldn’t think of anything.  Then, as my denial began to subside :), things came up for consideration.  There are definitely things I have not surrendered to Him.  Our pastor said that it’s a daily process of taking things to Him and releasing them into His care.  That makes sense to me.  It makes sense that God would want us to take our cares to Him daily and for us to be reminded that they are His to take.

Mighty Realm Of Yours

At night I find a place to hide
Amongst Your rocky shores
And though I’m lonely, I’ll survive
These mighty waves of Yours

Each cut or scrape will heal in time
Reality will never drown me
Any bruises or wounds I’ll accept as mine
And let Your high tides rise around me

There’s beauty in every sea
There’s gold in every ocean
And as abundant are my dreams
So is my devotion

In the morning I awaken
Amongst Your rocky shores
Only to find You’ve protected me
In this mighty realm of Yours



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