God’s Creativity

dsc02405Driving home from work one day last week I noticed a line of trees with the sky as a backdrop and it hit me that God is the master of creativity.  He decided that some trees would have needles with a pleasing scent, and that others would have smooth leaves with veins.  He decided that some trees would drop their leaves in the fall, and that some leaves would turn from green to orange or yellow.  I don’t always think about the creative side of God, and I like being reminded of His careful attention to detail; His decision to make the sky blue, sunflowers yellow, strawberries red, zebras black and white striped, camels with humps, and kangaroos with pouches.  He painted the first sky, made birds fly and gave frogs lily pads.


All For Me

You made the earth, You made the sky
The sun, the moon, the angels fly…

You made the stars, You made the deep
The heart, the soul, the spirit leap…inside me

You set the course of river and stream
Determined the length of the waves at my feet

You made the rainbow, You chose the time
The sun would set, a mountain’s climb…You chose me

I am grateful for all You’ve done
Your words, Your Spirit,
Your only Son…all for me


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