copy-of-coatI wrote the song “Ordinary” about those thoughts of not being good enough and the longing to be someone special.  When consumed by thoughts like this we can end up ignoring the simple, everyday gifts of God (like the “songs of the birds in the trees”).  In truth, each one of us is special simply because of the One who made us.  After all, He’s the same One who created the sun and positioned our planet in space.


was i meant to be this ordinary
was i meant to walk the street with an ordinary face
was i meant to dwell in these ordinary places
or was i meant to be great
was i meant to wear these ordinary clothes
or think these ordinary thoughts
was i meant to carry ordinary things
or is there more i’m s’pose to be

wasn’t i meant to wear Joseph’s coat, or Solomon’s beautiful robe
to be a king like David, a prophet like Samuel
or an enduring, faithful Job

was i meant to walk this concrete and pavement
was i meant to not hear the songs of the birds in the trees
was i meant to push away the very hand of God
was i meant to ignore these things

well, you see i thought my shoes wouldn’t touch the ground
that i’d fly high, shine light others hadn’t found
that i’d be perfect in His sight, inspire awe


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