“Maybe Christmas Doesn’t Come From a Store”

grinchmovieIn my opinion, one of the best parts in the movie, How The Grinch Stole Christmas is when the Grinch’s heart increases three sizes (after having been “two sizes too small”).  Grinch’s heart grew when he discovered that even after attempting to destroy the Whoville yearly Christmas Whobilation, and after stealing the town’s Christmas presents, he was not able to take the people’s joy.  Even after all of the damage that had been done, he heard singing instead of crying; witnessed joy instead of tears.  The Whos rejoiced because more than anything else, they treasured each other.  It reminded me that the most important things we have are our relationship with God and with one another.  When we are breathing our last on this earth, we will be thinking of the ones closest to us.  At the same time, we will be walking toward the One Who made us.

2 thoughts on ““Maybe Christmas Doesn’t Come From a Store”

  1. Wow, that’s powerful. The “ending” took me by surprise and, as I read it, an underlying fear of death dropped away for a moment and I felt a peace. Thank you for giving me a new way of looking at the transition of death.


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