A Grandma’s Faith

sun-and-treesMy grandparents and I did not talk about their faith when I was growing up, but I saw evidence of their beliefs in the artwork around their house and the books on their shelves.  I knew that my grandparents were friends with Mother Teresa, and that my grandma had a closet outside filled with medicine she collected to take to Mexico for the needy.  Both she and my grandpa were faith-filled people who lived many years, side-by-side.   So, when my grandpa passed away, at his funeral, my grandma could have said anything to express her sorrow, or nothing at all…and people would have understood.  We all grieve differently.  But that day, when my grandma got up to speak, although I saw a woman in mourning, I also saw a woman of faith.  My grandma posed a sort of question, asking how she could be upset with God now that my grandpa was gone, when He had given them so many wonderful years together.  She didn’t say she was not upset, or that she was not grieving, but that she would not be upset with God because of it.  In her way, and in the midst of her grief, I believe my grandma showed honor to God that day.  She thanked Him for the time she and my grandpa had, and she did so publicly.  Because of that she touched a young girl’s heart who was early in her walk with Jesus.  I had a chance to encounter someone walking their faith, and although we didn’t talk about her love for God much over the years, that told me more than I probably ever needed to know.

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