When Peter Got Out Of The Boat

When Jesus approached the disciples in the boat, and was walking on water, Peter asked Him if he could join Him.  Jesus answered affirmatively, and Peter jumped out the side of the boat.  Things started out okay, but as Peter continued to walk his fear got the best of him, and he began to sink.  Peter shouted to the Lord to save him, and Jesus “immediately reached out and grabbed him.”  (Matthew 14:31, NLT)  This made me think more about how being in a relationship with God does not exclude us from moments of sinking.  But when that happens, we can follow Peter’s example and cry out to God.  After the sinking incident, Jesus asked Peter why he had doubted Him.  This would indicate that Jesus considered Peter’s fear, while in Jesus’ presence, to be doubt.  I think that is key, that because Jesus was present, Peter did not need to worry.  I know that Jesus is present in my own life because I have asked Him to be, and the next time I am fearful I will think of Jesus’ words to Peter.

Lord, I pray that You will help me to remember that You are present with me the next time I become fearful.  I pray that You will give me the strength, through Your Spirit, to trust in You and Your care for me.  Amen.

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