He Took Me

This morning I read Psalm 18. There were many verses and phrases that I underlined while reading it, however one in particular resonated with me in a deep way…”He took me…(Psalm 18:16).”  The whole verse reads, “He reached from on high, He took me; He drew me out of many waters.”  But “He took me” sums up the way God has helped me in my life. There are all of these complex emotions and thoughts I have every day.  Some are helpful and some are not.  It’s clear to me that when I try to figure life out without submitting myself to God first, things are confusing, a struggle, and at times, dark.  But God doesn’t leave me there.  He didn’t leave me there.  He took me.  He lifted me up from a place of not knowing Him, to a place of knowing that I’m known by Him.  He took me from darkness to the awareness of His love.  He gave me things I didn’t deserve and topped them with a handful of “I love you.”  And there were no strings attached. Before I knew Jesus, I was on my own, at least in my own mind.  I had made my decision that I would lead the life I wanted to and that I was only accountable to myself. But He took me.  He took me from there and said, “No, I’m real, this is Who I Am, and I love you.”

“Therefore I will praise you, Lord, among the nations . . . ”
(Psalm 18:49a, NIV)

2 thoughts on “He Took Me

  1. GPC_Honduras

    Love your blog today Kath! Without submitting to God first reminds me of your wise words to me you’d always say “did you pray about it?” Both so true. Thanks for reminding me that God’s faithful & he does rescue us in sooo many ways. I need to remember!

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