A Little Book of Poetry Now Available!

Hi All,

My first book, A Little Book of Poetry: For When Night Seems Dark is now available at my new online store, Good Courage Greetings. I created Good Courage Greetings with a desire to create and share custom-made goods that speak to the heart (greeting cards, books, (and mugs – coming soon!)). I hope you’ll visit the site when you have a chance and take a look around.

In case you’re interested, Little Book started as a self-published work that I hoped would bring comfort, joy, and encouragement to others. Writing poetry has always been a way for me to work through my “stuff” and to express myself (since I’m not much of a talker :)). I thought that maybe the comfort I experienced when writing my poems might translate into the same being experienced by the reader. In 2020, Little Book was picked up by a publisher (Wipf and Stock Publishers) and was re-released last summer with a slightly new look and wider availability. It’s also available in not only paperback but hardcover now, which had always been a desire of mine. The idea behind Little Book was that it be something people could keep close at hand and when they needed a reminder of God’s love and nearness to them, they could pick it up and read a poem or two. A Bible verse and a full-color illustration by a talented artist named Kayla Phan accompany each poem to help convey its overall message. Thanks for allowing me a moment to share this news with you! I hope you’ll visit Good Courage soon!

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