Adventures With Max

Max and I head outside for a little exercise and some fresh air. We just had a heavy snowfall. The snow is deep enough so that a footprint sinks in only to reveal more snow. Everything is covered in puff-white. Snow bends and curves down the branches of trees, and I spot leaves that have fallen, still cradling the ice in their tiny hands. Max trots toward the pasture with a pinecone in her mouth, but when we reach the gate I realize it’s been snowed shut. I persuade Max that we’ll find something even more exciting to do than run in the pasture, and once she realizes we’re changing direction, she seems happy to go on a different adventure. We round the outside of the fence and head back up toward the barn, only to find a snow-forsaken patch of leaves and soil. As Max sniffs to solve the mystery, I realize that a deer must have been lying there. Then, I see hoof prints leading away from that spot, and Max begins to pull me up the hill at no slow pace, where the tracks lead. My hope is that maybe the deer hasn’t been gone long and we’ll have a chance to see it once we reach the top of the crest, but all we see are more tracks. Max is eager to continue our journey, but I see that the prints appear to be endless, so we turn towards home as Max runs up the sides of snowy banks and we experience another adventure.

“In his hand is the life of every creature . . . “
(Job 12:10, NIV)

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