Sun In Rain began in 2016 as a place where I could share encouraging posts, and blog about my faith.  A place where I could share my original poetry and other thoughts about God and His creation, along with anything else that inspired me, and that I thought might inspire others.  As you read, I hope you will be encouraged, and if you already believe in God, will be reminded of His goodness.  If you do not believe in God, or are unsure of your beliefs, I hope you will begin to see Him in a light that inspires you to find out more about Him.  I hope you will leave knowing that you are not alone or insignificant, and that God is eager to be in relationship with you.

I have believed in God from an early age, but I asked Jesus into my life a little over 20 years ago, and since then the Bible has become my favorite book.  Quiet time with God, prayer, and reading the Bible have bettered my life, and have given me a clearer understanding of God’s heart.  I love knowing that I will never be forsaken by Him, and that when I pass from this life into the next, He will be with me: we will never be separated.  This is all because of the sacrifice Jesus made and what He was willing to suffer on my (our) behalf.

Life will never be perfect.  Challenges and difficulties will come, but I know now that Jesus is real, and that His love for me is boundless.  I’m so grateful that I can live knowing there is more than just what I see with my eyes, and that the best way to live is at His side.

Many of us walk around not knowing that we are seen and loved by God: that He created us and wants a relationship with us.  That being in relationship with Him means acceptance, support, love, understanding, comfort, encouragement, and much more.  Without Him, we are left with only the things this life has to offer, and I have found that those things don’t satisfy our deepest needs.

Asking Jesus into my life took me from a destructive lifestyle, in need of direction, and put me on a path of healing, and I want other people to know that’s possible.  We are loved, there is hope, and with God’s help, we can learn to love Him, others, and ourselves, better, and by default, that will make the world a better place.

Kathi Burg is the founder of Good Courage Greetings (Goods for Heart Places), and author of, A Little Book of Poetry: For When Night Seems Dark, which is scheduled for release in 2020.  She lives on a small hobby farm in Julian, California with her husband, and their cat, Sunday.  She enjoys spending quiet time with God, reading the Bible, writing, listening to music, and is inspired by nature, and animals of all kinds.