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SUN IN RAIN (Released 2008)

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Lyrics Title - Roboto Slab

was i meant to be this ordinary
was i meant to walk the street with an ordinary face
was i meant to dwell in these ordinary places
or was i meant to be great
was i meant to wear these ordinary clothes
or think these ordinary thoughts
was i meant to carry ordinary things
or is there more i’m s’pose to be

wasn’t i meant to wear Joseph’s coat, or Solomon’s beautiful robe
to be a king like David, a prophet like Samuel
or an enduring, faithful Job

was i meant to walk this concrete and pavement
was i meant to not hear the songs of the birds in the trees
was i meant to push away the very hand of God
was i meant to ignore these things


well, you see i thought my shoes wouldn’t touch the ground
that i’d fly high, shine light others hadn’t found
that i’d be perfect in His sight, inspire awe


Don’t Expect Much

hey God, i’m sittin’ here lookin’ at all my stuff
and i’m thinkin’ i won’t need it where i’m goin’
but another thing that occurs to me
i got no good place for my soul to be
and i remember someone tellin’ me
bout livin’ with You in eternity

well, i don’t know You
so, i don’t expect much
cause i have gone my own, my own way
but i’m beggin’ You today, save me

didn’t think i’d be needin’ You
or this hole inside would come bleedin’ through
but every step i took, know now You knew
the good of a God who won’t leave when we do


can i be with You in paradise
you will be with Me in paradise (repeat)


hey God, i’m sittin’ here lookin’ at all my stuff
and i’m thinkin’ i won’t need it where i’m goin’

Tiny Man

tiny man, what are you gonna do
with all that wisdom and no one to talk to
and their hearts reveal
all those footprints from the bottom of your shoe
tiny soul, what are you gonna do
when you’re the only one in your house
listenin’ to that mouse in the middle of the night
and he finds your cupboards bare

you’re so small
puff yourself up so no one can see you’re just like me
you’re so scared
put on those glasses, cover your eyes and fool the masses

tiny man, what are you gonna do
when family becomes a two-letter word
and the i in me’s only enough for you
and it’s not living up to all you’ve heard


thought i was right, must have been wrong
now i am by myself and so short-sighted
must have been weak, thought i was strong
now i am by myself and ready…


thought i was right must have been wrong
now i am by myself and ready…

Sun In Rain

i cry to You, oh deliver me
protect me from this difficulty
the pain that makes me seek to blame
the One who gave me sun in rain

i turn to You and ask You to be
oh so much more accessible to me
to place Your hand over troubles and ease
the wavering woman who floats on these seas


these tears i think You’ll understand
since You know the ways of man
to fight a fight with his own hand
instead of ask the One who can


sometimes i think You’re too far away
these battles i fight are too close to stay
these weapons i wield are the choicest way
to fade the blue and dull the gray


One Of Those Days

it’s been one of those days, one of those days, one of those days…(repeat)
woke up this morning, opened my Bible and began to pray
said, God make me what You want me to be
let me be a light that shines for You today
let me let You work in me but…


clock struck ten, i’m on my feet again
passed by that mirror saw all i’d never be again
know i’m not s’pose to compare myself to them
no, i’m s’pose to remember i’m valued by Him but…


i know i can be a light in this world fill me with Your Spirit to overflowing (repeat)

Real Good

you were a desperate man, or so you said
you did all you could, or so you say you did
we meant the world to you, “Oh, didn’t you know?”
day we were born was the best day of your life

well, why didn’t we matter more than what you’d forget
and why didn’t we matter more than a drink in your hand
oh, why didn’t we matter much as children can…
i guess when you left we saw the man

she put her head into her hands
didn’t look up ‘til night fell again
tucked us in beneath a heavy heart
said her prayers and left in the dark


wanted you to know I’m doin’ fine
your son, my brother, left these words behind
said he knew you did the best you could
but better than that would have been real good…


Tale At Best

i used to think I could do anything
the breadth of the ocean told me
the horizon said, there’s so much you don’t know
so much you don’t see

boats are trapped in it’s waves
they are thrown to the depths
there are rust-eaten anchors
and moss-covered decks
where all it seems that’s left
is a tale at best

when I look back now at my feet on that perch
i see Jesus there, sitting quietly beside me
as I reach for eternity


beyond the waves, and beyond the depths
beyond the anchors, and the moss-covered decks
is a still, small voice that speaks to me
in the falling of the rain, o’er a wind-tossed sea

with patient love He waited for my heart
to hear His voice And shout from the dark


Real To Me

(based on Psalm 88)
oh heavenly Father
i awaken from sleep
and I am terrified
you hide Your face from me
oh heavenly Father
please hear my cry
i’ve spread out my hands to You

sometimes I can’t see through the clouds and the dust
and the rain falls so hard, rain falls so hard
i can’t see through the doubt and the dark
but I’m fighting so hard, fighting so hard
to feel You, to know You, to see You, to hear You

i call You my Savior
i know You’re my friend
but I’ve cried out to You
both day and night
Father, hear my prayer


and I am a man without strength
like the slain who lie in the grave
and I am cut off from Your hand
in dark places…in the depths

be real, be real to me…(repeat)


When I Am Held

i feel like rags, i feel like dust
it’s what I’ve been given
i’ve been given
i feel unworthy, i feel ungood
it’s what I’ve been given
i’ve been given

well it’s much too late to try and hold me
i fall when I am held
and it’s much too late to try and love me
i roll when I am held

don’t pick me up when things are rocky
they’ll land just where they should be
land just where they should be
don’t think I’m tough
when I say I’m not
you think my heart is stronger
stronger than it could be


i don’t know if anyone will ever be able to recover me
i don’t know if I’ve lost the heart to ever be ever worth recovering
and i’m so used to this…


Swallowing Blue

sometimes the pain gets too great and I have no wisdom to share
sometimes I think that I’m the only one who knows what’s going on in here
you can come, but you won’t get too close
‘cause I have built these walls so high
they’re daunting to most
you can try, oh won’t you try
‘cause I can’t live an island here all my life

when I was a little girl I think I spent too much time alone
i practiced my new discipline scolding innocence by withdrawing my love
you can shout, but I won’t listen
you are aiming right at me and missing my person
and I’m so sorry
they did this to you too
you were swimming to the surface swallowing blue

Jesus Resides

when I was a girl and my momma left me broken
when I was a boy and my daddy left me bare
i kind of hoped these words that went unspoken
would find a place to tire and die somewhere

but I know that I’ll sometimes feel alone
and I know that dreamers often cry
but in this heart where pain prefers to linger
the Man of Jesus resides

when I was a girl and my momma left me burdened
when I was a boy and my daddy left me scared
i kind of hoped these tears I kept from fallin’
would find a place to drift and disappear