Have You Something I Can Hold On To?

Have You Something I Can Hold On To?

Have You something I can hold on to
when the wind is working to carry the trees away?
And what am I to do when my boat is half sunk?
I am hopeful for morning,
but when it comes it brings gray
No sun I can see
peeking over mountains,
not today.


The Need To Be Loved

What is our deepest longing, as people?  I would say that it is to be loved.  I have listened to numerous testimonies by people who at one time lived as though they gave no thought to the need to be loved, when in reality, they were yearning for it on the inside.

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The Daily Evidence Of God

Every day we are able to see evidence of God around us.  We see the work of His hands in what He has created: our friends, our family, our pets.  We see His power when we witness people suffering, yet who find their strength in Him.  How have I seen Him this week?

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Truths For Those Times

In the past, I have gone to God with anxieties and did not come away from the experience with the peace that I was hoping for.  Instead, my tears seemed to be met with silence.  I was confused and frustrated as to why it seemed God was not responding.

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At The Quieting Of The Day

Lately, I’ve been finding myself sitting at my computer in front of the window at just the right time of day to enjoy twilight.  Glowing patterns are created across the sky, and the sounds of the day lessen until I can hear the water fountain running, from across the street.

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Love Is

What is love?  To me, love is Jesus forgiving Peter for denying that he knew Him.  Love is Jesus inviting Matthew, an unpopular tax collector, to follow Him, learn from Him, and to be His friend.  Love is Jesus washing His friends’ feet.

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When Jesus Spoke And There Was Calm

Have you ever been inside of a small airplane when it’s being jostled by a storm?  Have you ever walked into a wind so strong that it redirects you?  Have you ever observed a dark, stormy ocean from shore?  All of these things are reminders that nature is beyond our control.

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When Letting It Be Both Brings Peace

I can begin my morning by reading the Bible, and I feel very close to God.  An hour later, I step out the front door, start thinking about the day ahead, and the nearness I felt to God disappears.  I am often surprised at how easily my attention is diverted away from Him.

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My Friend lived a sacrificial life.  He defended outcasts and made sure that those who came to Him for help got what they needed.  He traveled far distances to let people know that God was near.

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Simple But Vital

Abram (also known as Abraham) is known as one of THE men of faith in the Bible. He is known as the man whom God credited with righteousness because he believed what God told him. He took God at His word. So it’s helpful for me to look at Abram’s life for other examples of ways to honor God.

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